Saturday Club. We made wreaths out of leaves and berries as well as making some drawings that you can see on our website. We played cammouflage and looked for small branches to whittle to bake our bread. It was cold but sunny and bright.


I ran some forest school sessions at Newhailes house for the green scene in September with many different schools. The children made some lovely minibeasts.

August 2011

A torrential downpour did not stop us making some lovely woven masterpieces! We also made our own strange creatures out of clay.

August 2011

Today we used a drill to make holes through our pieces of wood which we made into mobiles,stringing up our treasures from the forest floor.We also looked for insects on the trees around us and listened to some bird songs with our eyes shut.

August 2011

We worked with clay,and sheltered from the rain. We collected leaves and sorted them out by shape and we found different objects in the woods.

July 2011


Today we had sun and no rain. We made a fire and had snack round it. We made a den for our clay minibeasts and then made one big den to see if we could make it waterproof. Iwas the rain and everyone came out pretty dry so that was impressive!

We were very fortunate to have Kirsty to help us today who comes with a lot of experience of working in outdoor settings.
Yesterday I watched a lovely clip from the secret garden in Fife. A full time nursery which uses local woods. 

Other links which are very interesting and give good ideas for you to use in the woods with your children are nature detectives.

If you or your school fancies planting trees you can get some free trees from the woodland trust.

July 2011

Lots of rain today and we were not sure we would make it but we did. The children discovered how long and deep puddles were and how many worms and slugs there were. 

July 2011

 We made dens and clay mini beasts as well as singing songs and reading poetry under our tarp in the rain. We enjoyed the Jabberwocky and the rain sound song as we made some lovely stuff from clay and pieces from the woods.

We learnt about squirrels diets, and how old trees are if you count the rings on a tree stump. we found left overs from squirrels munching pine cones and used them to decorate our hamsters and animals.

We listened to different birds and learnt how to stay safe round a camp fire. we also got to bake our own bread and eat it carefully with honey. Best of all we met new people and went off hunting for insects and wild flowers.

May 2011

    The rain gave way to sunshine and we were able to whittle our sticks to make bread with

 We carefully made a fire and made twizzlers with honey
  Daniel a local storyteller told stories using instruments and a digiredoo.

May 2011

May 2011

It's looking good!

Today we made small dens for our minibeasts and then made a den together. It was lovely watching the children work out how and where to hang small sheets and what tree to use as a shelter.