New training date on the 12 the of May from 10-12.30 for any volunteers helping us with our Forest School.


New dates for Summer

July the 23rd, 24th,and 25th of July from 10 am - midday
for 4-9 years

July the 30th, 31st and 1st of August from 10 am - midday for 4-9 years

£10.00 per child per session.

MARCH 2012


We looked at birds, trying to listen to them quietly counting how many we could hear without looking.We made some bird feeders rolling pinecones in peanut butter and seeds and hung them in the trees to see if any birds came to feed, I think we were a bit too noisy!

Thanks again to Benjamin a student training to be a teacher, to Sally and to Anna for helping out today.


Booked in to the 20th anniversary of FEI being held in maybe forest. Please see the FOREST EDUCATION INITIATIVE for more information.