July 2012


Making dens, walking on a tightrope, playing games, tug of war, making clay animals and toasting marshmallows.

Today we made dens again and had another snail race with the largest snail being the winner. We had a tug of war and curled up into tiny snails and had our own race to see who could be the last to get to the edge of the rope.

We went for a short walk and looked at colours in nature and tried to make pigments out of mud and plants. We are going to try to do this with gum arabic in future so that it stains. paper.

July 2012


This week we have been making dens, cooking popcorn over an open fire, learnt some knots and kept a diary of what we have done. We climbed and played with rope as well as making spiders webs.

On the day it rained we had snail and slug race and walked through the woods to find various insects.

The group got on really well and we hope to see them again. Thanks again to Sally for helping.

JULY 2012

July Summer sessions are fully booked now apart from the 1st of August Where we have 2 spaces left. We are happy to put you on a reserve list for our October holiday sessions.

Our new holiday sessions will be for 5 years and up.
These will start up again on September the 1st.