October 2012

We are starting a second Saturday of the month Forest School Club as well as every first Saturday of the month for children who want more days with us at Yellowcraigs.

I am hoping to start Fridaya in Dunbar with families and their children in the morning and older children in the afternoon at the community woodland.

I will also be starting a forest school type club in Portobello on the last Friday of every month, morning and afternoon same as Dunbar either on the beach or in a local woodland.
Waiting to hear from the council about availability.

October 2012

Sally and I were asked to run a Forest School birthday party in Edinburgh.

We made bow and arrows, we built a den and we eat some delicious sausages and marshmallows . . . 

A great success and a lovely 'thank you' from Vari Powell

I want to thank you and Sally for bringing Forest School into town! The party was an absolute triumph. Parents have been stopping me in the street recounting second hand tales, and children have been writing up complete bow and arrow making instructions for their parents (should they need them!). I am so grateful for your organisation, your ability to encourage the children to think and work as a team whilst den building, and the balance you bring between safety and adventure! I am still staggered by the fact that 10 working bow and arrows were made. You are both just brilliant.

Vari Powell