Summer sessions;3rd and 4th of July for 3 hour session
Also in August on the 7th,8th and 9th each day for 3 hours.

Come and enjoy the woods in the summer, learn how to make animals out of wood and make fire torches. Eat wild food and make campfire bread.

NEW DUNBAR DATES AT COMMUNITY WOODLANDS;5th Of April morning and afternoon. Bookings welcomed.

PORTOBELLO CLUB AT FIGGATE PARK;29th Of March.Morning and Afternoon.Bookings welcome

February Forest Club

Here we are pulling and knotting rope to make our own tarp dens.We tried to work out how to keep it up and how to shelter us.
Today we made pancakes round a fire,set up a slackline and had a go at working with rope and knots. It was too cold to sit around and learn the new knot, round turn and two half hitches but everyone managed to use some knots.
We Used feathers to decorate our den.
We pulled hard to get the slackline as tight as possible.
We were lucky as it was a lovely sunny day and the den building took over and we also built a bridge across a small river.We were lucky to have Anna and Andi helping us.