Portobello family group and over 6 group

Had a lovely day playing and dying eggs for easter ,good Friday. We even found a nest while looking for hidden chocolate eggs.

We tried whittling with carrots first and went on to work with pine which was quite tricky but we made a spear, and a wooden knife.

We liked climbing trees and making rope swings. We even took one home that we had made ourselves!

 We dyed eggs in beetroot and red cabbage juice nd used leaves as a resist.


Looking forward to meeting people for the first family forest school at Figgate park tomorrow. The opening to meet at ten or 1.30 for older children is at Baileyfield road.
Hope to see every one there.
We will be decorating easter eggs using plants and natural dyes and hunting for easter eggs to put in our birds nests.
Fingers crossed for good weather...

Forest club at Yellowcraigs March

Yellowcraigs forest club,using bow saws,drills and knifes.
making animals with legs and ears as well as beaks and wings.