three summer sessions in July at yellowcraigs

summer forest school at yellowcraig woods, We had scavenger hunts, did some Happa zoming, put up ropes and climbed trees.

 We found snails and made pictures out of our scavenged finds. We built dens and made doors and boats. Many thanks to Jess and Sarah for their help.

 Our Happa Zoming made some lovely designs especially when we chose some ferns to print with.

some of us made kazoos and others made puppets. We learnt to drill holes using a hand drill and we learnt how to use a mallet, a saw, and how to split wood.

 we played a game of Jenga using the sticks in the woods and we whittled our sticks to make them smooth for our marshmallows.

Yellowcraig forest/beach day July

Today we were kindly helped by Jess who runs her own forest school in Edinburgh. We learnt about limpets moving back to their original position when you move them and about calcified casts left by a type of worm.

We made mermaids with seaweed hair and white nails and castles with lots of moats. Fantastic weather today.

Friday forest school July at Lochend woods Dunbar

We made a fire and some bows and arrows using locally sourced wood. We stripped and peeled our wood and whittled a point so we could also roast some marshmallows.
The woods were lovely today and the weather fantastic.


We learnt how to whittle the correct way first using a potato peeler and working with a knife.